Narayan Ores Pvt. Ltd. was established on 2016 as a Private limited Firm. The Company is engaged in the business of Trading and Import/Export of Commodities. The core trading of the Company consists of Coal Ores.
Narayan Ores Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of Importing/Exporting commodities and merchandise to or from India. Company commenced operations toward the end of Year 2016 as a Private limited firm with trading coal & charcoal to various Industries. The Company developed business as per the client’s requirements for importing of various Coal Ores and merchandise. The Company is engaged and has set objectives for trading of various commodities like Onions, Peanuts, Peanuts in shell, Brass items, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Soya Bean Meal, Rape Seed Meal, Chilly, Seeds, Maize, Sun Flower Meal, Rice, Chick Peas, Castor Seed Meal, Castor, vegetable oil, edible oil etc.
In 2016, Company had started with one buyer in Bhopal, India and today it has a Customer Base of over the country.
Narayan Ores Pvt. Ltd. is committed towards expansion of its business all over the world meeting the commitments company must produce the necessary profits in order to keep ourselves at the top of our field, to our clients satisfaction and ours.